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Pros and Cons of CCTV Camera at Public Places

With the time being advanced technology has made the work easier and convenient. When we all talk about security in the modern society CCTV cameras always be the first in the mind. It helps to observe the activities of the burglaries, and improves the safety in society. For the better safety and security CCTV cameras must be used in public places, firms, roads, restaurant keeping the safety and privacy in mind.

Let’s see the pros of CCTV cameras in public places:
Crime Deterrent:
When the CCTV cameras are install in the public place it helps to observe the each and every activities. The presence of CCTV cameras in public places will reduce the offense from the public places. It will reduce the vandalism in shops, malls and other public places. However the activities can be monitored hence chances of burglary will be less in public place.

Maintain Records:
CCTV cameras always captured the images and have video recording stored in the database. It is very helpful and can be monitored through world wide. It helps to maintain the records and this database can be retrieve later when it is required. The images and the video footage are saved in the database of the cameras.

Evidence in lawsuit:
CCTV camera footage serves the best in legal cases. It acts as a proof and evidence in the court. It serves as valid proof because it has video footage and images store in the database which can be retrieve at the time of lawsuit. With the help of CCTV anyone can make the legal claim.

Protects employees:
If the surveillance cameras are placed in the small or large firm it helps the directors or managers to monitor the activities of the staff and observe the work. Sometimes customer service employees have to face verbal abuse or physical attacks which are subject to take serious actions. CCTV helps to save and protect the company employees with ethics.

Let’s see the Cons of CCTV cameras:
Do Not Work Always:
CCTV is easy to operate but sometimes it does not capture each and every area of the particular place. For example if it placed in the homes, offices, premises it fails to capture the entire area. Hence it fails to consider as foolproof method of crime prevention.

While installing the CCTV cameras privacy must be given priority and it should not placed in the places where cameras are strictly prohibited such washroom, changing room, dressing room etc. Cameras should be placed for the safety and security but not spoiling anyone’s privacy. It needs to be well planned before installing in any public place.

Placing the decent and safe surveillance cameras is the responsibility of every member who wants to place the CCTV cameras in their places.

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